Aloha e Eric,

Heartfelt blessings and mahalo to you for introducing us to Naluai Sensei and his amazing power of "Getting in Touch With Your Greatness."  I understand why Rona speaks so highly of the teachings and their impact on her `ohana.

I am deeply greatful to both of you for sharing so much of your time with us last night. It was not only highly instructive, but lovingly transformative and just the kind of guidance that we need at this moment.

I will send Sensei a personal mahalo note, but wanted to touch base with you immediately to let you know how very grateful I am for your presence and sharing.

I will plan to attend your May 9 event and will share the information with Rona and the other Obama Sweeties.

Take good care,



Naluai Sensei's Ki development class has been a life changer for me!  I've been married for 27 years and my husband and I, like all long-time married couples, had certain established patterns of behavior.  Alas, a big negative pattern always came up when we had disagreements.

In class, we learned that everything that happens to us is a test and we choose how we respond to the test.  We can get tense and upset or we can stay calm and relaxed, even grateful.  With this mindset, we are gentler and more open to the situation.  And, our response, being more positive, helps build stronger relationships.

With this awareness I started watching my reactions to my "tests" in life, particularly with my husband as it is my most important relationship.  I noticed that if, in a disagreement, I can remember to stay calm and respond in a relaxed manner, we end up having good, air-clearing discussions.  If I lapse and fall back into my old pattern, the situation rapidly devolves into a fight.

Naluai Sensei's class is not just about learning about aikido or ki development; it is about learning how to live a good life and developing strong loving relationships.



 I am grateful that Lokahi Ki-Aikido dojo members are there to provide mirrors to each other’s minds and intentions, and through practice to support each other to truly live life with mind and body unified.

Lynn, Russell, & Kristen

... one of Fil's joys in life was his Aikido Training for so many years. I know he is in heaven, on his knees, doing his breathing exercises.