Meet The Team

Our purpose is to give you a taste of a different way to live.  Imagine you had never tasted anything sweet and someone tried to explain to you what sugar tastes like.  No matter how many words the person uses and how much they try, they will never be able to fully convey what “sweet” tastes like... until you have the actual experience of tasting.  The same applies to what we do here at Lokahi Ki Society.

In today’s world, the pressures and challenges on individuals and families seem to be insurmountable.  Is it any wonder that more and more people seem to act out of desperation, hopelessness and mere survival?  If you ever thought there must be:

>>>   more to living than the normal routine of getting up, going to work or school, going home, eating and sleeping;

>>>   a source of calmness within us that leads us away from fears, doubts and upsets to stability and understanding;

>>>   a more relaxed, efficient way to put our natural talents and skills to use;

>>>   a way of relating to others that is more supportive, more meaningful, more joyful and more loving.

You are right!  There is another way.  We will take you through a series of experiences to show you that you can be more, you can do more and you can have more than you ever thought possible.  And at the end we trust that you will know that sugar is sweet!