Aikido and experience of habitual self

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Saturday morning, January 21, 2017, I practiced ki-aikido at Lokahi dojo.  I had an unusual learning experience while performing some arts.  This experience was quite a revelation to me of my habitual attitude when relating to others.  It was a scary realization that shook me to my core.  Naluai Sensei suggested that I share it. We were practicing kata tori, in which nage grabs uke’s lapel.  Sensei instructed me go grab the uke’s lapel, but somehow my motion to grab needed to be repeated because my intention was not totally into the action.  Then I realized that I needed to put my...

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Ki not flowing properly

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Clay,   Thanks for taking the time to talk the other day. I will try to outline everything I remember and practiced, and what’s happening now. As I remember the main parts of your teachings from the early 80’s. The four principals of Ki: Two physical: relax, & weight underside. Two metaphysical: one point, & extend Ki. If you do one you do all.   Relaxing never quite worked for me. But the weight underside or one point allowed me to extend Ki almost immediately – which I could absolutely feel the flow of. Extend Ki was the easiest and quickest for me to do. Weight...

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The Ki To Teamwork Is Relationships

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Recently, Clayton Naluai Sensei invited me to join him at a planning committee meeting charged with organizing the 88th Birthday Celebration for governor George Ariyoshi.  Sensei also asked me to share my impressions, thoughts and observations, and that is what follows below.   I’ll begin at the end and tell you that the event was a huge success on every level.  Planned as a charity event to raise money for the Bishop Museum the celebration significantly surpassed its financial goal a week or two before the first guest entered the Coral Ballroom, at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, on Sunday,...

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A Spirit-Led Life

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Many, many, many years ago I was going through some tribulations and trials overwhelmed by but enduring what seemed to be life-changing crises immobilized in a place of darkness. Everything seemed to be falling apart. Spiritually, mentally, and emotionally I was devastated. I was a black belt, a star (some people say, A Big Star), and I was despondent. Night after night I performed with my fellow cohorts, and heard the applause of thousands of people a year. I appeared enthralling and captivating, yet that sense of emptiness kept gnawing at my insides.

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Ki Breathing

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The breath of a nervous, unstable man is shallow and uneven; the breath of a calm, centered man is deep and even.  But because one’s breath can be changed through training, robust spirit can be developed and stabilized by proper breathing. In the Ki Sayings I wrote, “Breathe out so that your breath travels infinitely to the ends of the universe; breathe in so that your breath reaches your one point and continues infinitely there.”  But before you can breath this way, you must keep one point.  Then when you exhale, you must not stop your breath short in front of you, but...

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Leadership 101

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Leadership is a possibility to grow and live into. It all begins with gratitude which expands to being humble versus being boastful. Humility expands to being compassionate which in turn expands to being understanding, which expands to being respectful, which expands to being willing to get off of one’s position and stand in another’s place and perform with confidence. This is leadership at its highest level.

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