Aikido In Daily Life

Aikido In Daily Life

With the advance of culture and civilization the organization of our world grows more diverse and complex.  The lives of primitive peoples were simple, their area of communications was small, and all they had to think about was a place to live, something to eat, something to wear, and something with which to arm themselves against powerful enemies.

Now, when man covers the face of the earth and is thinking of flying to the moon, ideas, politics, economics, and employment grow alarmingly diverse and complicated.  Driven by waves of complexity, we seem to have been cast out of a quiet pond onto the swirling waves of the great sea itself.  At the mercy of wind and waves, we need make only one mistake and we are cast adrift like a boat without oars facing the imminent disaster of sinking.


The universal has given us a fine boat and strong oars to navigate the violent waves, but if we lose them, we must open our eyes, recognize our own strength, look toward our goal and, cleaving the billowing waves, gradually rebuild ourselves to the point at which we can sail the tempestuous sea.


Few people in this world know what their real strength is.  Many see only the part of their power that floats like the visible segment of an iceberg and forget the vastly greater part sunk beneath the surface of the water.  Perhaps such people are satisfied with themselves as they are; perhaps, on the contrary, they are pessimistic about their inabilities.


Certainly a man who inherited a fortune from his parents, locked the money in a safe, forgot the key, and making no attempt to use his own resources, complained of no money and borrowed from other people would be a source of ridicule.  Surely he should find that key and make free use of the fortune that he owns.


Because it explains the basic principles and usages of ki, which are utterly essential to the revealing of man’s innate power.  Ki is the key to the safe.  A grasp of the principles of ki makes it possible for you to call on the ki of the universal and to use the power that you have always possessed.


Lives filled with laughing and lives filled with weeping are both possible.  It is for the man himself to decide which he will choose.  If you would be always healthy and always walk through life with your head held high, you must begin by studying the uses of ki.


From The Preface of    Aikido In Daily Life    by  Koich Tohei