Ki Breathing

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Ki Breathing

The breath of a nervous, unstable man is shallow and uneven; the breath of a calm, centered man is deep and even.  But because one’s breath can be changed through training, robust spirit can be developed and stabilized by proper breathing.

In the Ki Sayings I wrote, “Breathe out so that your breath travels infinitely to the ends of the universe; breathe in so that your breath reaches your one point and continues infinitely there.”  But before you can breath this way, you must keep one point.  Then when you exhale, you must not stop your breath short in front of you, but think that your breath continues to the ends of the universe.  When you breathe in, you must breathe fully, calling in the Ki of the universe and settling it at your one point.   Throughout your breathing session, while inhaling, exhaling and the intervals between, you must always have your mind and body unified.  This involves an act of letting go, of leaving yourself completely to the universe.  You should feel that your breath is one with the breath of the universe, in fact, that you are the universe and the universe is you.  This is the foundation of Ki breathing methods.


~Koichi Tohei

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